Organ Donation – Remarkable Act of Compassion – Family of 76-year-Old Woman Chooses Organ Donation at AIIMS, New Delhi
February 9, 2024

Organ Donation – Remarkable Act of Compassion – Family of 76-year-Old Woman Chooses Organ Donation at AIIMS, New Delhi

AIIMS, New Delhi, February 7, 2024 – In a moment of profound grief, a family has shown extraordinary compassion by making the selfless decision to donate the organs of their beloved 76-year-old Smt. Premwati wife of Late Sh. Giriraj Nagar, who was declared brain dead. This noble act not only honors the memory of the departed soul but also brings hope and a second chance at life for those in desperate need of organ transplants.

Smt. Premwati was injured in fall from stairs at her home in Sangam Vihar, New Delhi and brought to Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Centre (JPNATC), AIIMS on February 3, 2024. Despite receiving comprehensive medical care, she was declared brain dead on February 4, 2024.

The family was sensitively guided through the concept of brain death and organ donation by the counselors from Organ Retrieval Banking Organization (ORBO) at AIIMS. In this challenging moment, the family, with deep empathy and a sense of altruism, unanimously, decided to donate organs of Smt. Premwati to save lives and contribute to the noble cause of organ transplantation.

Dr. Aarti Vij, Prof. In-charge, ORBO, AIIMS, New Delhi expressed gratitude for the Premwati family’s selfless decision to donate organs during a difficult time. This act of generosity has the power to not only save lives but also provide solace to the grieving hearts of the donor’s family. The seamless coordination of brain death certification, donor organ management, and compassionate counseling was meticulously carried out by the collaborative efforts of the ORBO team, physicians, neurosurgeons, anesthetists, transplant team, transplant counselors & coordinators, technicians, administrators, forensic and police departments, and nurse coordinators – said Dr Vij.

The retrieved organs, including the liver and kidneys, were allocated to recipients through the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO). The liver and kidneys were allocated to AHRR, New Delhi, while the corneas have been banked at AIIMS, New Delhi. Besides this, retrieval of four corneas from cardiac death donors was also done in last 24 hours at AIIMS, New Delhi.