About Us

About The Organ Retrieval and Banking Organization

Organ Retrieval Banking Organization (ORBO) is a nodal facility for cadaver organ and tissue donation related activities of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

This organization maintains a brain death donor registry, coordinates the process of organ and tissue donation from procurement of organs to the transplantation, disseminates information to hospitals, organizations and individuals creating awareness, promotes organ donation and transplantation activities and undertakes training and research in the field of organ donation and transplantation


Our Mission

Encouraging organ & tissue donation, fair and equitable distribution and approaching to every death at AIIMS for optimum utilisation of human organs & tissues.


Our Vision

Setting up a National Transplant & Training Center for Training and Capacity Building, Research, Data Management & Analysis on Organ Donation & Transplantation

Activities and Achievements

  • Established a round the clock helpline to answer public queries and ensure efficient transplant coordination at any point of time. The helpline is manned by trained nurse coordinators and
    transplant coordinators.
  • Established an exhaustive and detailed website (www.orbo.org.in) with a facility to pledge online or download donor forms for offline pledging.
  • Initiated mandatory notification of Brain Stem Death at AIIMS.
  • Maintains online and offline brain-death donor registry.
  • Developed guidelines on various aspects of organ and tissue donation
  • Developed guidelines for whole body donation for the purpose of medical education
  • Coordinated the first and second combined Pancreas-Kidney Transplant in the country.
  • Coordinated the first Split Liver Transplant in the country
  • Coordinated the first Lungs Transplant at AIIMS, New Delhi
  • Tissue Banking: ORBO has coordinated several cornea donations, heart valve donations and bone donations.
  • ORBO coordinates whole body donations in association with Department of Anatomy to facilitate medical education
  • ORBO has been actively organizing activities for awareness generation and public education in hospitals, academic institutions, NGOs corporate sector and other government and private
    organizations in order to sensitize the masses on this noble cause. Approx. 100-150 awareness camps are organized per year.
  • Initiated and organized ongoing in service education and training programmes for resident doctors and nursing officers on various aspects of cadaver donations.
  • Imparted training to grief counselors, MSSOs, transplant coordinators and M.Sc. nursing students, on organ and tissue donation.
  • Orientation of MHA, MSW and Nursing Students on organ and tissue donation.
  • Research studies have been undertaken to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of cadaver organ donation.