36th National Eye Donation Fortnight

I convey my heartiest congratulations and best wishes to Dr. RP Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences for increasing awareness for eye donation and setting new standard for eye donation, retrieval and transplantation.  It has been more than seven decades since the beginning of eye donation but still there is a gap in demand and supply of corneas.  Since the inception of Organ Retrieval Banking Organisation (ORBO) at AIIMS in the year 2001, ORBO and Eye Bank are constantly striving to increase tissue donation.

The beautiful rainbow, thousand colours blooming in a valley of flowers, a million stars twinkling across the night sky, you and I have seen it all but not everyone has.  Donate eyes and enable another person to see the wonders you have seen.  Donate eyes and be a beacon of light that annihilates darkness in someone’s life for there is no better legacy one can leave behind than leaving a vision.

From its  inception, eye bank has been a key player in accomplishing this noble mission of changing lives.  When the benevolent decision to donate eyes is made by compassionate souls, the eye bank & ORBO steps forwards to co-ordinate and manage this process.  Hence, the vaults of our eye bank behold the greatest of world’s treasures…… The Gift of Sight”

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