Karma Khurana

Heart Valves & Corneas Donor 20 year old Karma Khurana was a multi talented child. He had an innate talent as a guitarist. He was a student of Rock School Trinity College, London and Parikarma School of Music, New Delhi. He had also performed live on National Television (Sahara) on New Years’ Eve of 2005. He was a good sports person and played football and basketball and won matches on both state and national level.

Dechen Bhutia

Heart Valves & Corneas Donor 23 years old Dechan Bhutia, adopted daughter of Mr. Ashwini Khurana was a student of Liverpool College UK. She was very ambitious girl, pursuing environmental studies. She had varied interest in music, sports and fashion. A person brimming with confidence, she would never say no to any kind of challenges.

Both the young adults died in a road traffic accident. Motivated by a family friend Mrs. Seema Jajodia, Mr. Ashwini Khurana father of the deceased, donated their tissues (Eyes & heart Valves) after discreetly taking the approval of his wife. Post cremation when everyone heard about the tissue donation there was a magical moment and healed environment – within the family and friends. This act on part of the family has helped immensely in the healing from the loss as the children still live in a certain way. “It does ease the pain of losing someone knowing that part/s of the person continue to help another person in need….person’s death has some meaning. It gives solace to realise that the life of the loved one is continuing even after his/her death”
Mr. Ashwini Khurana - Father

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