You can give the gift of life to someone in need! Become a registered donor with ORBO. It’s convenient and takes just a little while. Just call, email or write in to us and we will take it on from there. And like we always suggest, do discuss your decision with your family members. It helps to prepare them to comply with your wishes when the time comes.

You can download the Donor Form by clicking on the links
given below. Print the form on an A4 size paper, fill in your
particulars and the information solicited by us. You have to
take signatures of two witnesses (at least one of whom
is a near relative)  and mail it to:

All India Institute of Medical Sciences
Ansari Nagar, New Delhi- 1100 29
Phone: 1060 (24 Hour Help line), 26593444
Fax: 91- 11- 26588402,

click here to download donor form
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