Life is precious.Too precious to be lost to an organ failure. But millions have lost their lives because a vital organ failed to function in their body. Medical advances in the field of transplant immunology, surgical management and organ preservation have made it possible to transplant organs & tissues from one person to another. And to thinkthat all you need to help life continue is simply pledge for donation and donate an organ when you leave this world.

There is a huge gap between demand and supply of human organs and tissues. In our country, 1-1.5 lac patientsrequire kidney transplantation but only 3500-4000 patients receive it. Similarly, 1 lac patients are in need of corneal transplantation but only 25000 patients undergo corneal transplant.In case of heart transplantation, the scenario is much more dismal in our country.

There is lack of awareness about deceased organ and tissue donation except corneas in the society. Acute shock due to the sudden loss of near and dears, non-acceptance of brain death as death, religious myths, fear of disfigurement and divided opinion are some of the conflicting factors which prevent people from donating organs and tissues after brain death.

However, organ donation is an activity which, apart from involvement of health care professionals, requires active support of society at large, Without a donor there can be no transplantation. Organ donation can be successful if it is accepted by the society as a way of life, as something which is not just a gift of life to a stranger but an essential for preservation of human society. We are striving hard to educate and motivate society to come forward for organ donation which has resulted into the registration of more than 17,000 people in our brain-death donor registry.